Hi, my name is Liza; I’m Conner’s personal assistant and long time friend. I met Conner at one of his shows. At first, I too was lured by his spectacular voice. But it was his clean, quick wit and his light-hearted personality that really engaged me. I’ve gotten to know Conner pretty well over the years. I’d like to share with you some lesser-known facts about Conner Lorre. Be sure to read the last two.

• Conner was born in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was 4 years old the first time his mother heard him sing. She thought it was the radio. “Conner was very shy” she said. “The moment he knew someone was listening, he would stop singing.”

• While in grammar school, Conner wanted to sing Christmas songs with the choral group, but was rejected by the director, who told young Conner he would never be a singer.

• Conner loves baseball. As a little league player, he wanted to be a pitcher.
It took him 3 years to achieve that goal. In his very first game as a pitcher, the first game of the season, he threw a no-hitter. Sadly, after that game, due to his father’s abandonment, he never threw another pitch.

• Conner came from a broken home. He turned to music to console his sorrow over the loss of his home, his friends, his dog, and most of his family. “Music has always been my medicine.” says Conner.

• Conner LOVES animals and they seem to love him too. One of my dogs is apprehensive of everybody, except Conner. She took to him the very first time they met.

• During his high school years, Conner lived with his grandmother. During that time, he wasn’t allowed to have a radio, or a guitar in the house.

• Conner had the lead role in his high school play. In the same play, he also played the role of a hippie singer. It would be Conner’s first public performance as a singer. It was a smashing success.

• Two weeks after graduating high school, Conner moved to California to pursue his dreams as an actor and musician. Unfortunately, he was in a terrible car crash on the way home from his very first studio session with his new band. The crash marked the end of his new band, his acting career, and his time in California.

• The first instrument Conner learned how to play was the trumpet. He also taught himself how to play the guitar and drums.

• He auditioned for his first touring band while still recovering from mononucleosis. He was hired after singing only two songs.

• While in his twenties, Conner wore orthodontic braces for 4 years. He once got them stuck in his microphone during a live show.

• Conner listens to classical music almost every night.

• You may have heard Conner on the radio. He has done jingles and voice-overs for the U.S. Army, Ford, Gillette, Sea World, Home Depot, Cadillac, Sears, Toyota, TBS, and others.

• Conner considers himself to be a Neil Diamond tribute artist, rather than a Neil Diamond impersonator. I’ll let him explain the difference.

• In 2008, while performing in Panama City Beach, Florida, Conner was abruptly fired in the middle of his show. He was accused of lip-syncing. To save his job, Conner offered the general manager $1000 if he could catch him lip-syncing. The GM agreed… and was speechless when he realized Conner was indeed singing.

• Tremendously inspired by that experience, Conner created his critically acclaimed “Variety of Legends” tribute show. It was an instant success. Since then, his sensational performances have garnered him standing ovations in 37 states.